3 Things to Remember

So this week we’ve been talking with other entrepreneurs and start-ups (Check out some of them here @NewformsTrainer and @DreamNottingham)

Here’s three things to remember if you want to grow in the “real world of business”:

package1) So what do you actually do?
You might have a great brand, logo, website and social media strategy but what are you selling to people? Are your packages and offers clear and easy to understand? Can you pass your message and cause onto people quickly, easily and with great passion?
target2) Build your business and activity around your goals
Focused management around monthly and weekly goals is critical in the “real world” of business…Goals and focus are what turn ideas and developments into tangible business. Each day – focus on the bulls eye. What is the goal for the day? Then build activity and investment around that goal.
blog-profit3) Is this increasing value and profit for our business?
Ask the following question about everything you do – “How is this going to add value and profit to our business?” When you buy new equipment or when one of your development teams are working on a project – always think about whether it is going to grow your business. If it’s not then why are you doing it?

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