Brands that change the world

Creating a strong brand is really essential for every company. With the wide range of competition that entrepreneurs face in most industries, it is definitely important for a company to develop a unique identity and selling points in order to stand out from the crowd.Untitled

Coca cola is a brand which has been successful in marketing and advertising its product. One of their significant marketing strategies has been providing free refrigerators and drinking dispensers to restaurants in order to encourage distribution and trial. Customer experiences and reviews are always the key to product sales; good reviews will eventually attract more clients to consume the products. In addition, Coca cola has a long tradition in each country, and has effectively planted itself into diverse culture. For instance, Coca cola’s ‘Holidays are coming’ signify the start of the Christmas season, where the Coca cola Christmas truck makes a tour across the nation to celebrate with the people. Another classic example is the Coca cola advertisement partnership with the FIFA World Cup. Coca cola has been blending itself into local culture in order to create a strong worldwide brand.


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