Creative Advertising #2

We are sharing more creative adverts and why they worked so well

  1. 1) “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” by Old Spice
  2. This humorous and entertaining video has over 51 million views. The main character in the advert is Isaiah Mustafa who quickly became “Old Spice Guy”. The campaign targeted men and women with the challenge to encourage women to stop buying their men women’s products.  The advert is clear and simple, however very interactive and memorable.
  3. llo
      • “The Epic Split” is a two-minute video starring Jean-Claude Van Damme performing his famous “splits” stunt, standing on the wing mirrors of the 2 Volvo trucks reversing at high speed. It is beautifully shot, powerful yet incredibly humorous. Volvo aimed to demonstrate the stability and control of their FM line of trucks in this creative advert. It became one of the most-shared ads of 2013.
      • nnb
      • 3) Like a Girl” by Always
      • Similarly to the Dove campaign (“Real Beauty”) Always uses a meaningful and gentle topic for their campaign. They highlight that the phrase “Like a girl” has an insulting meaning and could have an impact on girls’ self-confidence. In the video people were asked to interpret the phrase “Like a girl”. Therefore in their videos Always encourage females to show what they do like a girl by turning the phrase from an insult into a term of empowerment
      • tre

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