Creative Advertising #1

What can we learn from these successful advertising campaigns?

This advert was created to increase awareness of train safety in Australia. People in Melbourne were beginning to act carelessly around trains with some of them suffering injuries and deaths. Instead of another boring “be careful” campaign – McCann Melbourne came up with an interactive and creative campaign. The idea was to create a campaign that is mainly focused on the content rather than advertising. A music video called “Dumb Ways To Die” with cartoon characters dying in hilarious ways was launched. Creators managed to communicate the message to the young people effectively together with 21% reduction in railway accidents. The video went viral.


2) “Gorilla” by Cadburys

In 2007 Cadburys shared the gorilla playing a drum kit to “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. This advertising received several prizes and awards including first place in the film category at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. The advert moved Dairy Milk campaigns to another more emotional level. It provided a memorable moment for an otherwise swamped market


 3) “Just Do It” by Nike

Nike created this campaign when they were facing competition from Reebok. In the 1980s Nike came up with the “Just Do It” campaign, which was a huge success. It was a short, catchy and motivational slogan that is just what people need when exercising. It encourages people to push themselves beyond the boundaries. Nike effectively created a mantra that immedietely connected with Athletes and competitive sports people


4) “Real Beauty” by Dove

The Dove “Real Beauty” campaign that was launched in 2004 aimed to increase confidence over appearance and to encourage the uniqueness of everyone. Dove combined their marketing efforts with a popular and common theme that their potential customers could immedietely relate to










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