Using social media to promote your event

Everyone knows about Social Media – but how do you harness it’s power to promote events? Here’s 5 tips for you:

1) Create a promotional video for your event
Videos are a great way to let people know what your event will be like. By posting your video on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo a wider audience can be reached and it can drive traffic to your website


2) Share photos of participants and events
Find and tag those people who are in the pictures and get people talking about the event. How can you develope conversation and sharing around your event and amongst your social media followers?


3) Create a hash tag for your event
Come up with a hashtag for your event which could be the name of the event or a quirky statement about your event’s purpose or feel. Add this hashtag to all your tweets and social media posts and as others retweet and share your posts then the buzz around your hashtag and event will grow


4) Speaker shots and quotes
Get some photos of your speakers/presenters and share them online with a tasty quote or controversial sentence! You could also tag them on twitter and see if you get a retweet!


5) Share behind the scenes of the event
Providing your followers with behind the scenes pictures creates more interest and helps to share a more personal side to your event/project


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