What is wordpress?

WordPress is a content management system. It is basically a system used to manage, edit and publish blogs and websites. If you are “technologically minded” and want to find out more about why it is considered the best option you can read some thoughts here. Here’s why we consider it the best option for our clients:

It provides a simple yet professionally integrated website for individuals, business and organisations

We meet way too many people who have paid too much for a website that they don’t understand and which doesn’t integrate everything that they need from it. Our wordpress sites easily and stylishly integrate your social media channels and incorporate a blog as well as other content pages

You can start small and build up

A website is not the magic bullet for your business. However it can be a critical element of your overall marketing and business strategy if you think things through and work with a website designer who understands you, your needs and your budget. We meet too many people who have overspent on their website and have ran into huge problems. We advise our clients to dream big but build small. Our wordpress sites are perfect for businesses trying to move forward in the current economic climate. Our wordpress sites can be added to and built up over time as your budget and business grows
It combines everything our clients want all in one place
Our clients repeatedly tell us that they want 1) value for money 2) stylish and eye-catching design 3) a blog for latest news/updates 4) the ability to make updates themselves. WordPress is the perfect fit!
It’s more than a blog
WordPress offers much more than other blogging platforms. Whether you need a professional looking blog for yourself or your business or you want a fully integrated website for your business/organisation – wordpress will give you what you need! We can fully customize your layout and design so that it reflects you and the profile of your business/project
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