What’s Your Problem?

In order to communicate what you are doing effectively you need to think about three things:

What is the problem?

What made you start doing what you are doing? Did you see a gap in the market? Did you have a flash of inspiration? Or maybe you got fed up and decided to do something yourself about the problem you could see! If people don’t understand the problem and the need then they won’t value your solution. How are you broadcasting information and messages about the problem? How are you using your website, social media and video to share your perspective and to help people ask questions?

What is the solution?

What’s your answer to the problem? One exercise we do is to ask people to write their message or ‘vision statement’ on the back of a postage stamp. If you can’t do that then your message is too long. Focus is good. Once people understand the problem then you can offer them your solution! Use media to share the vision and passion you have. No-one wants to invest or follow someone who has no passion!

How is it working?

Welcome to the “sick of spin” generation! Most people can smell hype a mile off. We want to hear how your solution is actually working not just great ideas. Stories are a great way to share about how your solution is working. Who have you helped? What did your clients think? What measurable value have you brought to others? We help clients to use blogs, video and social media to share their ‘solution stories’!

How are you doing in these three areas?

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